Alexander de Backer

Freelance Lighting Cameraman


Since graduating in 1990 from the NaRaFi (film institute) in Brussels, I've been working as a freelance


professional lighting cameraman on a wide variety of programmes and projects including broadcast


television, tv shows, factual programmes, trailers, commercials, documentaries, coperate videos,


independent film productions, sport and music events, internet projects, and fiction/drama productions.


You will also find me regularly helping out on small "passion projects".



Owner of professional broadcast and digital cinema (HD, 2K and 4K) equipment for all types of projects.


Always looking for the right combination between technology and the story you want to tell. Artistry meets


craftsmanship is my goal.



Also I am a Polecam owner/operator for all kind of events including music, sport (Olympic games 2008, 2012


and 2016) and I occasionally return back to my roots as a cameraman for multicam events.


A hard working freelancer who loves to tell stories through images and likes to drink a cup of coffee...

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